Doctoral College of the University of Montpellier

The main mission of the University of Montpellier’s Doctoral College is to define and implement cross-disciplinary doctoral training, drive initiatives to support career opportunities for doctoral students, and promote the doctoral degree.

The College offers a range of cross-disciplinary doctoral trainings. It conducts awareness-raising activities through specific, innovative, and professional courses, as well as activities related to career integration for doctoral students. It monitors professional integration and advocates for doctoral degrees and career opportunities for PhDs. Specifically, the objectives of the Doctoral College are to:

Specifically, the objectives of the Doctoral College are to:

  • Provide doctoral students with high-quality professional training
  • Strengthen the interdisciplinary and international aspects of doctoral education
  • Prepare PhD students for their professional careers
  • Promote doctoral studies within the socio-economic community and society as a whole

Doctoral College highlights

Competitions such as MT180 and 3MT are great opportunites to promote and disseminate your thesis.

Discovering new topics, delving deeper into a subject you enjoy, conferences provide a platform to broaden and share your work.

Two major events for all doctoral candidates: the back-to-school day for PhD students and the graduation ceremony.

Thematic workshops
Explore the world of entrepreneurship, develop your projects, and ideas.

Coaching and assistance
Personalized coaching is available for PhD students through the Quality of Life at Work Service (QVT).
The Women and Sciences mentoring program helps women PhD students with career planning.